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Hi, I’m Siri.

Witchcraft Teacher | Tarot Reader | Rune Reader

I work to empower people through intuitive arts and witchcraft. I am a queer, radical witch and I want to share my magic with you. I’ve been practicing witchcraft for over 15 years, and whether you want to go on a deep dive, multi-week immersion in witchcraft or you want to get a simple check in tarot reading, I’m here for you. Most – if not all – of my work is sliding scale because I am passionate about working with you no matter your financial privilege.

What can witchcraft do for you?

Witchcraft is the art of connecting to your inner power and making changes in the world in accordance with your will. Witchcraft is a practice, it is a tool, it is a lifestyle.

Witchcraft is all about empowering yourself. It is learning your power, and stepping into it. I approach witchcraft from an extremely queer, DIY perspective: learn the tools of witchcraft, then create your own magic that works best for you. Bring things together that speak to you. If a particular tradition makes sense to you, then follow it! If you would rather create your own highly personalized form of magic, do that! This is about connecting with our inner power – so do what works best for you.

(PS – wanna get started in a super-affordable way? My Intro to Witchcraft workbook has lots of great info, journal prompts, and energy exercises.)

What can a tarot reading or rune reading do for you?

Divination is an energy exchange between you and I. It is a way to get clear about your goals, your mindset, and next steps. What I really do when I perform a reading is connect to your own intuition, your own guides, and translate any messages I get into something you can use. I can do in-person readings or email readings, the effectiveness of the reading is the same. A reading with me is always blunt yet compassionate. I know that sometimes situations are difficult to navigate, and don’t shy away from helping you work through those things. But I also try to keep my readings practical – highlighting what you can actually do about the situation.

What’s the difference between the two modalities?

A rune reading uses the spirits of the Norse/Germanic oracle system to help you understand where you’re at now and how to live your best life. A tarot reading is a great choice if you want help with specific next steps.

I’ve been studying tarot for 12+ years, and runes for 5+ years.

There are so many possibilities and ways to work together! I have a lot of in-person options if you happen to be in the Twin Cities, but I also do work with people all over the country.

In Person Hours

I am not currently seeing clients in person due to COVID-19. However! You can book with me for a zoom session. My hours are Fridays 1-9 pm CST, Saturdays 10am – 6pm CST, and Sunday noon – 6 pm CST.

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