Witchcraft Immersion

I am no longer accepting applications for 2020. Applications for the 2021 Immersion will open in October.

What is the Witchcraft Immersion?

Learning witchcraft means meeting yourself in a new way. It is igniting your personal power. Witchcraft can transform you into the highest and best part of yourself – and it is also a tool to get shit done. You will learn more about yourself, you will get in touch with the world around you, you will feel one with the seasons, and you will find and develop relationships with guides who can help you truly to be the best you can be.

In a word: Witchcraft is life-changing.

It is also complex and a constant learning process.

It’s time to embark on a year-long journey of exploring witchcraft and the many cultures surrounding it. Over the course of one year, you will meet with a group of like-minded, radical witches every other week. We will meet via Skype (or, if everyone happens to be based in the Twin Cities, we will meet in person) on Monday evenings. We will all be working through a grimoire, complete with journal prompts, moon charts, and information about the week’s topic. The grimoire will be geared towards creating your own personal practice, with journal prompts, spell writing prompts, and space for you to create your own forms of magic.

On top of the group meetings, you will have the opportunity to meet with me 1:1 every month to chat about your path, and for individual guidance. This can take the form of a tarot or rune reading, or just an informal chat and guidance.

This course is ideal for those who are largely solitary, who would like support in developing their spiritual practice and pushing themselves to learn more skills within witchcraft. The Immersion doesn’t shy away from the spiritual side of witchcraft, but it also doesn’t require you to follow a particular path. If you want to dive into Norse heathenry, we can definitely do that. If you would rather look into Gnostic witchcraft, working with Hekate, or walking the Left Hand Path, we can do that too. Are you an atheist witch? You’re more than welcome in this space.

Donate to the scholarship fund to help me make this course as accessible as possible!

Witchcraft Immersion Manifesto:

*Witchcraft is our intimate connection to the cycles of life and death all around us
*We embrace the Goddess change. What we touch, we change. She lives in us.
*Witchcraft is folk magic: by the people and for the people.
*Witches stand in resistance to the oppressive overculture
*Witchcraft is available to all, no matter their cultural background, race, sexuality, gender identity, religion, income, ability, mental health
*We dare to desire
*We believe in consent and reciprocal relationships in all things
*We work in the shadows, but our Craft is with us even in the bright light of day
*We learn from our ancestors, but we are always and constantly reinventing ourselves and our Craft
*We live with mystery, in the liminal and the non-defined
*Witchcraft is a tool, and we do not fear to use it.
*We know that magic is not all love and light – that healing requires shadow work, that to face an unjust system we need to be willing to work with blood and bone as well as love
*We are always, constantly learning from one another, our ancestors, our deities, and Spirit

Why an immersion?

Most of the witches I know work primarily in solitude, but are craving community. We want to be able to cast spells together, or to learn from mentors – without the long-term commitment of joining a coven.

Witchcraft is a skill, and it’s a practice. It’s something that you cultivate and grow, and something that you learn more about the more you talk with other people. There is also a definite spiritual aspect of witchcraft that you can only tap into with extended time with the practice.

A year-long immersion is a great way to find community and build your own individual spiritual practice, as well as have accountability for continued study. The other students in the immersion will be a support system for you as you step into your power – and you will witness their transformations as well.

Why work with me?

I’m a very eclectic witch, I’ve studied extensively, while being down to earth. I want to help facilitate your own spiritual journey – and I know that at times, that will look different from my own spiritual journey. I’ve studied many different paths of witchcraft, and can help you to expand your horizons while remaining true to the path that is best for you.

I see witchcraft as a powerful tool for individual and social change, a tool to heal as well as to hex. I am conscious of issues of cultural appropriation, and strive to keep from misusing indigenous tradition while still remaining an eclectic witch. I am also conscious of the environmental impacts of witchcraft, and will help you to work your magic in line with the earth.

Course Structure + Learning Tools

  • The students will meet as a group every other Monday, starting in January 2020
  • Each student has the option to meet with me 1:1 once per month. This can look like chatting over our witches’ brew, a tarot reading, custom ritual planning, etc.
  • We will take the months of June and December off, because rest is important
  • Each student will receive a gift package at the beginning of the course including:
    • A Grimoire/Book of Shadows written by me, packed with information, journal prompts, charts of correspondences, and more
    • An herb bundle
    • A crystal or other sacred object based on the student’s primary goals


$1,000 for the full year
Includes some supplies and a printed + bound grimoire for you

Payment Options:

1 payment of $1,000 in December 2019
2 payments of $500
3 payments of $333

Information about scholarships + donating to a scholarship fund coming soon.