Heathen’s Journey Archives


I am a modern heathen, practicing in the Norse tradition, learning from my Nordic ancestors and also adapting and applying their wisdom to our current reality. In the summer of 2017, I started writing a column that would change my practice forever. I wanted to explore the runes, but on my terms as a radical, queer, feminist.

I began sharing my journey as a heathen over at the Little Red Tarot blog – it was a natural fit, and I was among great company of people who were also critically exploring their own spiritual practices. Now that the community blog of Little Red Tarot has shut down, I’m continuing the Heathen’s Journey column at my Patreon and here on my own blog. Patrons will get new Heathen’s Journey content one month before the posts will go live here.

For your convenience, here’s a library of all the public Heathen’s Journey posts. Let me know how this is landing, and if there are any topics in heathenry you would like me to explore! Bless.