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The Heathen’s Journey is a podcast exploring Norse paganism, Traditional Witchcraft, folk magic, and so much more. Join me, won’t you? As I explore the wyrd world of transformative Nordic magic.

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I’m a queer, modern, non-binary heathen. This is a perspective that I don’t see much of amongst popular heathen circles, so I decided to get public and loud about my own practices. I want to make it very clear that I am not an expert, but rather that I am learning as I go and as I interview people. Spirituality is a constant learning process, and I am always learning from my guests and community.

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The Heathen’s Journey Podcast has episodes that consist of me talking about heathen topics, as well as interviews with people connected to both Heathenry and Nordic Magic. I have interviewed my own teachers as well as respected community members.

Archive: Heathen’s Journey Podcast Transcripts

Here are the transcripts of the podcast episodes that are not interviews. I will be adding interview transcripts as soon as I can afford to pay someone for the transcription service.

Episode 1: Join me on the Heathen’s Journey
Episode 2: A History of Odinism and White Supremacy
Episode 4: Starting the Rune Journey with Fehu
Episode 6: Strength and Determination of Uruz
Episode 8: Thurisaz + Gender Reveal!
Episode 10: Alfablot, Ancestors, and Elves
Episode 11: On Secrecy, Warding, and Self Protection
Episode 15: Ansuz, Communication, and Queerness

Archive: Heathen’s Journey Column

I began sharing my journey as a heathen over at the Little Red Tarot blog in 2017 – it was a natural fit, and I was among great company of people who were also critically exploring their own spiritual practices. Now that the community blog of Little Red Tarot has shut down, I’m continuing the Heathen’s Journey column as a podcast. However, the original column is still something I’m very proud of and would like you to be able to read.

For your convenience, here’s a library of all the public Heathen’s Journey column posts. Let me know how this is landing, and if there are any topics in heathenry you would like me to explore! Bless.

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