Review: Needfire Wellness New Moon Ritual Box

Review: Needfire Wellness New Moon Ritual Box

If you listen to the podcast, you know that I’m a fan of Needfire Wellness. They are a magical apothecary based out of Portland, Maine that specializes in materials, classes, and events to help you in your witchcrafting.

A little bit more about Needfire, from their website:

Needfire Wellness & Apothecary is committed to offering high quality supplies, information, and learning experiences for magic practitioners. The Needfire team believes that magic practice is an internally enriching and transformative endeavour that can look very different dependant on practitioner. We make every effort to offer a range of knowledge and products for the practical witch, magician, or otherwise.

I have personally loved working with and learning from the Needfire community, and they play host to a lot of my own teacher’s courses. Kari Tauring of course teaches her Frith + Grith, Runes, and other courses via the Needfire Academy online. I particularly love how grounded Needfire is as a resource for folk magic tools. Minta, one of the co-owners, is a wealth of knowledge.

I was personally very curious about their ritual kits, as I know that a lot of people really benefit from a curated ritual kit/guide. This is also a great opportunity to try many different things they offer.

I ordered their New Moon Ritual Box on a month when I knew I needed some extra ritual support, but I was feeling a little too stressed to design my own ritual. I wanted the support, I knew it was necessary, and I knew I would be in good hands with Needfire.

Each box varies from month to month, but you can definitely expect some notes about the zodiac sign of the new moon, as well as a bit of a primer in how you can use the different items in the box. You can build a more complete ritual around the items, or you can simply use them as outlined in the ritual notes.

Here are some of the items that might come in your New Moon Box:

Spell Bottle
Charged Crystal
Blessed Candle
Ritual wear
Ritual Bath Bomb

There may be other things as well, depending on the month.

Without further adieu, here is my review and what I received in my Virgo New Moon Box.

The Ritual Kits come in this beautiful wax paper, sealed with twine and a wax seal. For my ritual kit, because it was keyed to the Virgo New Moon, it was all about renewal, orderliness, and goal setting. At the time, I was feeling very cluttered and murky. Deep in quarantine, and looking at a long winter, I was in need of the renewal the kit brought me.

Here’s what came in my kit:

Juniper Smoke Wand
Elk folk pattern journal
Ritual bath bomb
Elk antler tip
Chime candle
Clay coins

First, I used the Juniper smoke wand to totally clear my apartment. I find that using different herbs for cleansing really is a powerful way of altering your experience. To me, Juniper feels very bracing. It’s clearing, but it’s also effective at helping you to raise your own energy, almost like eating a citrus fruit. It’s clearing but also brightening.

I used the hagstone to see if I could find other spirits that needed to be cleared away, but thankfully after the Juniper smoke cleanse things were looking good.

I took the bath bomb with me into the bathroom, and the instructions said to split it into four, and use one piece for each moon phase between then and the next new moon. I set an intention when I used it, and each week that moonth I used a piece of the ritual bath bomb in my bath to help wash away anything that was no longer serving my higher purpose.

After using the bath bomb, I honestly felt so refreshed. There was such a healing, beautiful energy with the bath bomb. I felt like I was rededicating myself to myself, as well as welcoming in romantic energy. This New Moon occurred the month before my wedding, and so part of my intention was to clear space and allow myself to welcome this next, beautiful part of my life. I wanted to clear away the old stuff to ease the transition. All of that became clear in the bath.

I set my intention, lit my candle, and relaxed.

I have used the other materials in the spell box. The hagstone is something that I will continue to use, and I am nowhere near finished with it. The antler is lovely and supportive for directing energy in ritual and spellwork.

I’m waiting on using the clay coins until I feel there is a significant spirit attachment that I need to rid myself of. They are really cool, even though it was difficult to take a picture of them. One has a sun design stamped into it, and the other has a sort of coat-of-arms design with a lion stamped onto it. They are also environmentally safe, so when I release these to the Mississippi, they won’t be causing any harm. That’s something that I really love about Needfire’s work – their commitment to using truly sustainable materials.

As for the notebook – I have been using it to process and get to know the John Bauer tarot! I’ll be writing a review of the John Bauer deck later, but suffice to say that it feels significantly different from other tarot decks I’ve used (but more on that later).

If you would like to purchase your own New Moon Ritual Box and try it out for yourself, I highly recommend it! You will need to plan ahead for this one – boxes must be purchased 3 weeks before the New Moon, so they can be assembled, packaged, and sent to you in time.

This is also a great time to check out Needfire’s ritual kits because they just launched their Hunter’s Moon Collection. These are altar items that were ritually charged under the Full Moon on the 31st. These are very limited, so check them out now! I personally love the rune altar pieces.

Curious? Check out Needfire Wellness and Apothecary. I know that you will find some wonderful treasure.

I am an affiliate of Needfire! You can use my code (HeathenJourneyPodden) for 10% off your purchase.

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