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I didn’t have anything profound to say here last week. I was processing my feelings about the United States Presidential (and Senate! And House! And State!) elections mostly offline, because I knew that I had a ton of internal work to be doing. I also know that with everything that has been happening, and the challenging astrology of the moment, that I didn’t want to feed into any fear of others.

Sometimes, it’s better to process off line. In today’s social media culture, and also as a person who speaks openly about my own processing and growth on social media, it felt like not saying something was also wrong. So I let the cards – or the runes – do the talking.

There were a couple of readings that really helped encapsulate the energy. I posted both of these to my Instagram, but I wanted to share them here as well, as a sort of time capsule of what the last two weeks have felt like.

First: Election Week Anxiety as Suspension and the 10 of Swords

Deck: Next World Tarot, (c) 2017

It feels very strange to be writing to you at all. This has been a difficult, exhausting week and we’re all coping in different ways. Working on this stuff is actually helpful to me, so I’m sharing in hopes that it’s helpful to you as well. 

This week feels like a crash between the 10 of Swords and The Hanged One (suspension). Anne Helen Peterson is a writer I follow, and on Monday the 2nd she wrote that if Biden wins it won’t feel how we think it will feel. It won’t be joyous. It might be a relief. It will feel complicated. 

I’ve been thinking about the collective gaslighting that our country has been going through, and how this protracted waiting period feels like a hospital waiting room. You know the news will pose a challenge, but which one? Suspension reminds me to find grace in the waiting. To make art, or exercise, or work on making my home. It reminds me to pray to Odin, who hung for 9 nights to gain the wisdom of the runes. Odin understands a painful vigil. I love this card’s depiction because it shows the strain of the wait, but it also shows the strength. 

My anxiety this week has felt like the 10 of Swords. All those swords sticking out of my back, pinning me down, waiting for a release. This is the conclusion of a traumatic event. It’s when you get out of that abusive relationship, away from the gaslighting, and you still look around corners, or over your shoulder. You feel like you’re still being watched. That’s how it feels now. 

I have hope. I have so much hope that Trump will be defeated, it’s just a matter of the day, the hour, the minute. And the wait – the aftermath – is excruciating. 

But the 10 of Swords also reminds us that we can do hard things. That we have DONE hard things. We can make it through this, like we have made it through so much in the past. 

Please, to all my queer friends. All my BIPOC friends. My disabled friends. Know that I am holding space for you, that I love you. We are still here, and that is an act of radical magic in and of itself. 

Second: Dagaz Signals a New Day

Dagaz, day, day break. I pulled this rune just as it felt like the sun was setting. I also pulled this rune two days after the US election was called for Biden. 

This rune is one of what I call the “time markers” of the elder Futhark. It falls opposite Jera, the rune for harvest. Some people associate Jera with the Winter Solstice and Dagaz with the Summer Solstice, but I have always through of Dagaz as showing that first glimpse of sunlight after the longest nights of the year.

That’s certainly what it feels like today. The tentative return of day, cold and uncertain, our breath hanging in the winter air. This week we wonder if, finally, we can start to hope again. 

Dagaz assures us that we can. Dagaz wants us to feel the warmth on our face after the long dark. 

Solar energy almost always feels victorious to me. It feels like a respite, like we finally get to shine bright and see ourselves. It is empowerment, coming from within. 

Last week, I talked about the release of the 10 of Swords, and how it almost always comes after a really intense period in our lives, and often a period where we confront those aspects of ourselves that are ugly or frightening. The 10 of Swords energy I was feeling has tentatively opened up to Dagaz. We know that there is so much fight ahead, but it’s absolutely *essential* that we take a moment to celebrate and breathe. Dagaz invites that breath.

I hope that you are able to find peace, whatever you are doing this week. I hope that you are able to catch your breath.

With love,


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