Turning the Wheel: Spring 2020

Turning the Wheel: Spring 2020

Turning the Wheel

Turning the Wheel is the first in a new series of courses based on seasonal magic. Each course will be tailored to the energy of the moment. Join me for a live class and Q+A session on Tuesday, April 21 from 7-8pm CST.

This season, I’m covering springtime magic, with recognition of global events and pandemic. We’ll be talking about fertility and planting magic, Rites of Spring, and death and rebirth cycles.

Things might feel especially strange for you right now. While we’re all quarantining and trying to keep the pandemic at bay, celebrating to the return of sunlight and the budding of plants may feel callous. There’s a sort of cognitive dissonance to the way our contemporary culture celebrates spring with what’s happening all around us.

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Turning the Wheel will help you connect to a deeper understanding of spring than the flowers-butterflies-and-hearts of springtime. We will put the awe back in our understanding of nature – and learning about pagan ways of reckoning with the seasons. Springtime can be a really difficult time: stores of food from winter are running out, and the new crops haven’t come in yet. My Norse teacher refers to this time as “Bone-Sucking Month” and “Wood-Burning Month”: times when you are sucking the marrow out of leftover bones and burning off all the rotten wood.

Not very sexy, is it?

At the same time that many communities struggled with late winter/early spring , European pagan rites also connected to love. Lupercalia, St. Valentine’s Day, Ostara, and Beltane are all spring holidays that celebrate fertility, sex, and love. But they are also holidays that come out of a deep reverence – and even fear – for the Earth. This combination of fear and hope resonates deeply to me now, as we watch our systems unravel, and we try to find hope in the chaos.

Let’s unravel this together. Join me, won’t you? Class is in session on Tuesday, April 21 2020 from 7-8pm CST. I will send out the zoom link the afternoon of the 21st.

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