New Class: Magic of Elements

Announcing a new class for fall 2019: Magic of Elements! This class was designed in part as a follow up to my popular Introduction to Witchcraft 101 series, and partially out of my interest in elemental magic.

In each class, we will delve into a specific element, its meaning, and how to use that element in your spellcraft. Each class will end in a collective spell. These classes can be taken as one-off courses or all together. All of these classes are being taught at The Future Minneapolis. 

$25 single class, $80 for all 4. 6-8pm.

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Magic of Elements Air

October 27, 2019

AIR element of communication, clarity, ideas, and astral connection. This particular element can be difficult to pin down, especially because it is so ephemeral. You can’t see air without the aid of smoke or other filters, but it is all around us and essential to our lives. This is also an absolutely essential element in magic, and learning how to work with air will help you in all of the other kind of spellwork you do. In this class, we’ll learn about using the element of air to focus intention and communication between worlds. We’ll cover sigil magic, incense correspondences, smoke cleansing, and writing magic. 

Attendees will participate in creating and charging a sigil for work in their own practices.

Magic of Elements Fire

November 10, 2019

FIRE element of passion, lust, destruction, and transformation. Fire magic is potent and visceral, at the same time that it can be subtle. Fire has kept us warm for centuries, and it lights our path in dark times. Fire is both creative and destructive - which means that a spell involving fire may have the same actions, but the intention matters. Candle magic is some of the first magic you might learn, and who doesn’t love candles, am I right? Fire magic isn’t just about candles though - it can also mean working with bonfires, warm colors, and even a lighter.

In this class, each attendee will get a spell candle to charge for their own intention and we will do a collective spell together.

Magic of Elements Water

November 17: Water

WATER element of healing, cleansing, psychic ability, and otherworld communication. We are made up of 50-60% water, it makes our blood, our tears. Water has long been associated with healing, keeping wounds clean. Many of our medicines - tinctures, infusions, vaccinations - come in liquid form. Water and liquids have also long held an essential place in magic and spiritual practice: anointing oils, holy water, hot springs, all of these can be used in water magic. Water connects us to the inner realms, our own intuition, and serves as a magical conduit.

In this class, each attendee will get to create their own recipe for a personalized holy oil, as well as a sachet to use in the bath for psychic cleansing.

Magic of Elements Earth

November 24: Earth

EARTH element of stability, abundance, connection, and growth. Earth magic literally grounds us, it connects us to the natural world all around us. People are often drawn to pagan paths because they seek a greater connection with the world around them, and earth magic certainly does that. This is slow and steady magic, and here we find spells that support the full community, sustainable magic. In today’s fast-paced world, Earth magic can help us build something truly sustainable. Earth magic is wonderful for abundance, healing, and strengthening your community.

In this class, each attendee will be invited to create their own earthly talisman from found natural objects and herbs.

$25 single class, $80 for all 4. 6-8pm.

2 thoughts on “New Class: Magic of Elements

  1. Valerie Nicholls

    Is the class online?

    1. Abbie

      This was an in-person class – I’m looking to teach more soon

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