Update: Class has been cancelled! Look for more collaborations between me and Big Mouth Tarot in the future.

Manifest (v): to make evident or certain by showing or displaying

It’s that time of year. Everyone’s setting goals and looking ahead to the things they want to achieve in 2019. Now is a perfect time for spellwork and ritual to make it happen – and specifically, to manifest the shit outta your dreams.
There’s been a lot of talk about manifestation lately – but how do you DO it?
Two witches are here to help you. Abbie (of Northern Lights Witch) and Nicole (of Big Mouth Tarot) are teaming up to present you with this powerful two hour course on pairing manifestation and tarot.

Join us on Saturday, January 19th at 2pm.

The art of manifestation is important groundwork for any and all spellwork. Manifestation is focusing intention on a goal, ritualistically showing your dedication to seeing the goal through, and releasing that focused intention through action.
Why pair manifestation and tarot? Because tarot is an intuitive tool that can help you to clarify your intention, learn more about the steps in the process of getting what you want, and it is full of archetypes and powerful figures to help you in your spellwork.
In this class, Abbie and Nicole will walk you through the very basics of manifestation, as well as the tarot archetypes you can call on to help in your manifestation work. This is a two hour course filled with the basics of spellcrafting, embodiment of tarot archetypes, and intention setting you need to manifest your dreams.
Included in this course:

1. Two hour course

2. Workbook
3. Herb satchels designed for different goals
4. A seven day candle to charge with your intention
Class pricing is on a sliding scale:

You can sign up here using PayPal.

Send the appropriate amount for the sliding scale, and we’ll follow up via email.

Some notes:

  1. Class will be held at Nicole’s home in St. Paul, MN! She does have a dog – Rococo – who is the sweetest pug ever.
  2. We have a strict no-refunds policy.
  3. Add something to the community altar: Bring something that represents your goal, or how you want to feel once you’ve achieved your goal.
  4. This class really works best when you have an intention in mind. Come with an idea of what you want to manifest in 2019, and we’ll make it happen together!

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