Support “Radical Witchcraft: a grimoire for the apocalypse”

Support “Radical Witchcraft: a grimoire for the apocalypse”

Hello everyone. My blog has been a little bit lax these days, which is odd because I feel like I’ve still been busy and getting stuff done. I need to resurrect this space for sure, especially since Beth has shut down the Little Red Tarot blog. I’ve been doing rather a lot behind the scenes, and I’ve been gearing up for an announcement.

I also just need to let you all know what’s going on with some exciting projects here at Northern Lights Witch! This is the first of several posts about what I’m currently working on, and ways that you can get involved and work with me on this project.

Introducing: Radical Witchcraft: a grimoire for the apocalypse!

We are living in dark times, but witches thrive in darkness. Witchcraft is the tool of the rebel, the outsider, the visionary.

There have been many publications out in the last several years that focus on the revolutionary power of witchcraft, even including a work from Llewellyn Publishing called “Magic for the Resistance.” One thing that I’ve noticed about almost all of these works is their focus on white witchcraft, or on Wicca. “Becoming Dangerous” is another volume out there, but rather than being a book of spells or of practical magical advice, it is personal essays and reflections on what it means to be a witch.

What I’m envisioning is a high-quality piece of work that will have spells, rituals, tarot spreads, herbal remedies, and other pieces of witchcraft and traditional knowledge and will assist radical leftists in resisting the current regime of authoritarianism and beyond. This is meant to be a grimoire filled with practical spiritual tools for the activist who is engaged in anti-oppressive work. It is also essential that this zine come from a multitude of perspectives, drawing on the knowledge of multiple cultural backgrounds. This is something that other anthologies are lacking in – a distinctly multicultural view on radical witchcraft.

I am also firmly dedicated to paying writers and artists for their time – and as such, before I approach the writers I want to work with, I want to have raised some preliminary money to be sure that I can pay people. There will be a kickstarter later, once I have my writers lined up, to pay for printing costs and to double payment of the writers, artists, and other contributors.

Funding Details

What I’m looking to you for is the initial funding. I’m looking to raise $3,300 for the project to pay writers, pay myself, and pay basic costs of the zine (hi taxes!).

For each $50 earned, I will be able to pay another creator!

Not able to donate or want to help in another way? Please share this project far and wide! I hope to have raised these preliminary funds by November 30th, 2018. You can contribute to the project at my GoFund Me.

If I haven’t raised the funds by then, I will keep the GoFund Me up and just have to stretch out my project timeline.

Thank you SO much for your generosity! It means so much!

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