Thoughts on Tarot, New Year Readings, and Personal Empowerment

Thoughts on Tarot, New Year Readings, and Personal Empowerment

It’s that New Year season, which means many people are looking back over their years and looking forward to the next, setting goals and intentions.

This is a perfect time for tarot and ritual – and your resident tarot reader has an offering for you.

This year, I’m offering a comprehensive year-ahead reading to help you incorporate the lessons from the last year, and harness the energy of the coming year, to meet your goals. Included in the year-ahead reading is a ritual designed by me just for you – to help you put momentum behind your goals.

But I don’t claim to predict the future. How does a year-ahead reading from me work?

Year ahead readings can feel really awkward. I like to see them more as a way to connect with myself and clients by incorporating the growth lessons from the year previous, and looking deep into the energy to help outline goals, intentions, and desires for the next year – possibly with some action steps to match. It’s less predictive, and more about goal-setting and manifestation.

Your year ahead reading isn’t the playbook for your year. This is a deep look at the medicine you’re facing.

The new year reading isn’t me telling you what’s going to happen. This reading is an exploration of the lessons you’ve gained so far, and how you can apply them in your next phase.

I want to share with you some snippets of the new year reading I performed for myself this weekend. I won’t share it all, because I feel like the magic needs to be secret in some ways, but I do want to show you what a new year reading that isn’t explicitly predictive can look like.

In this reading, I’m focusing on the lessons I’ve learned in the past year, elemental wisdom, wisdom from my guides, and action steps I can take to manifest my dreams in the new year.

I’m using the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot.

Lessons from 2017

As soon as I drew the Seeker, I knew it was the primary lesson of 2017. This year has been all about opening myself up to new possibilities, to seeing things in a new way. The Seeker opens the veil to the next realm, looking for answers and knowledge.

The Page of Pentacles seeks meaning in the daily life, in the material world. I have gone to new depths in my spiritual realm, and have asked the question “what does this mean for my daily life?” And the High Priestess reversed … well, she recognizes the resistance I’ve felt in accepting my calling.



Air: Queen of Cups
Fire: Page of Wands
Water: Six of Wands
Earth: Ace of Cups

The elementals for my year are opposites – fire and water. They speak to my ability to wed my passions and my intuition. There are a lot of initiation cards – a lot of cards that speak to the beginning of new creative cycles. This could mean a deeply passionate year, a year of loving and creating and kissing and laughing and creating and art and community and activism.

To Leave Behind + To Welcome

Seven of Branches Reversed + Five of Swords. 2017 was TOUGH. 2017 was a struggle, it was a year of defiance and self-protection and preservation. I did this to myself, born of my own stubbornness and unwillingness to look deeply at my own calling. I haven’t been accepting of myself, and the role that I can play in the community.

The Knight of Cups focuses on ACTION – how I’m moving through life in 2018. The Knight of Cups is a visionary, moving through the world understanding that we all need love, that we all need help from time to time. The night helps others to understand their calling. Ace of Swords – Big clear ideas! This is the eureka moment, the light bulb going off overhead, the new project that comes barreling down in the middle of the night.

Help From Guides

My guides are here for me this year. They are here to help me see things from a new perspective, to persevere over the past. The Hanged Man is all about surrendering to the process, trusting myself, and waiting until the time is right. It is also about new perspectives, learning to look at things in a different light in order to continue growing. The Two of Swords reversed speaks to decisions and boundaries. My guides, my gods, are here to help me take the time that I need, to help me set the boundaries I need to set, to live a happy and healthy life.

Help From Magic

I must move from the Eight of Swords energy into the bounty of the Nine of Pentacles energy. The Ten of Swords is an old mode, outdated thinking, ways that I destroyed myself in the past through not listening to myself and my guides. I am meant to use magic to move beyond this place and into the next area of life.

This next phase? The Nine of Pentacles is beautiful, a bountiful harvest, a recognition of the gifts that I’ve been given and the way that I will use them. I accept the call. 

Action Steps

The ACE OF WANDS is the spark. It is the creative leap that I’m taking in the new year. I need to spend time working, writing, creating. I need to spend time with artists, expanding what it means to me to operate in this world.

The two other cards speak as warnings for the year ahead:

Five of wands: Don’t get caught up in competition. Keep my eyes on my own paper and build what I want to build.

Four of Cups: Don’t get too caught up in rejection. In fact, I should SEEK rejection – it means that I’m putting myself out there. If I go through enough rejection, it means that I’m truly about to find my place in the world.

I am offering my new year readings and ritual in the shop now – check out the offering for yourself here.

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