Announcement Time

Announcement Time

I’m moving back to the twin cities!

Since I got back from England, things have been shifting, moving, clicking into place, and I’m finally ready to shout it.

Getting so far outside of my own daily experiences left me with an amazing sense of clarity around what I need to continue moving in the direction I want to go. This year in Duluth has been challenging in many ways. For those of you tarot babes on this list, it’s been a Tower year for me. For you astro babes, it’s been a hell of a Saturn Return.

This year has been all about looking at the foundation that I’ve built for myself, and tearing it down. 

I’m dedicating myself to my witchcraft and my writing in a new way. I’ve learned that I need to let go of the limitations I’ve put on myself. My role in the community is as a healer, and I’ve learned just how important community is for me. My community is in the Twin Cities – it’s with the weirdos, the queerdos, the witches, the activists.

I lived in St. Paul and Minneapolis for 10 years before relocating to Duluth, and in so many ways that move was an old dream of mine. An ex-partner and I had planned to relocate to Duluth together. We broke up, and I didn’t adjust my own dreams.

I thought the job I’ve held would be my dream job, but it wasn’t. I found myself finishing my masters, working at my supposed dream job, and struggling to find happiness. Duluth is a much slower energy, one that I love and appreciate, but it is also so quiet that it can be extremely difficult to find community. Turns out, moving to a quiet, much smaller city with no one is incredibly isolating.

I’m introverted, but still I struggled.

On top of that, a big part of my Tower year has been the budding knowledge that I am filling the wrong place in the movement. I have been forcing myself into the role of a fighter, when what I really need to be doing is building the movement through healing work. Whenever I get the opportunity to read for activists, I get a little thrill.

My guides have been telling me for months that I’m a healer, not a warrior, and I’m finally taking that to heart.

I’m not sure what exactly this move will mean for me, in terms of a day job. I do know that I won’t be able to do tarot and witchcraft full time by any means, and so I’m looking for a job that will help me to fill in the gaps while I figure out my next step on the healer’s path.

I’ve got some plans to celebrate my return to the Cities in February – so for you locals, keep your eyes peeled. Subscribe to the newsletter or just email me at to get in touch about in-person readings and events come January 15th.

I love you all so much – and I’m looking forward to taking the next steps in the journey together.

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