Link Round-up: Shadow Work for Personal Empowerment

Link Round-up: Shadow Work for Personal Empowerment

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This week on the blog, I wrote about what exactly shadow work is – and why this time of year is very powerful for doing shadow work. There’s a long tradition of witches practicing shadow work, and there are so many of us out here on the web, that I figured a link round up was in order.

I’ll be doing more link round ups on the blog, because I see so many interesting blog posts, videos, and other content generally and want to share it with you all. There will usually be a theme to the link round-ups, but I will always include relevant reads from some of my favorites. Because writers like Beth Maiden and Asali and Cassandra Snow never stop creating amazing things.

And without further adieu, on to the reading!

This post from Asali took my breath away. “If you’re only supporting us when we’re spilling our blood and guts all over our posts, blogs, and pages that’s a problem.” Read “Black Women Aren’t Only Relevant When We’re Angry.”

Kelly-Ann Maddox has been out here for years with resources on shadow work. This list of journal prompts will get you thinking deeply about your own journey.

While you’re there, check out all of Kelly-Ann’s site – she write a LOT on shadow work.

Benebell Wen created this amazing workbook for working with the shadows through tarot and oracle decks. “For this particular type of work, go with a deck that feels like your extra limb–it’s that much a part of you.” Grab her workbook here.

This essay on The Hoodwitch goes deep on worshiping Hecate, goddess of shadow, and working with bone magic. “As witches we don’t just walk in the shadow, we open to it’s mysteries like night blooming jasmine.”

Jessi Huntenburg has written up a great spread – I know I’m going to try it when I get home. Check it out here. Bonus: Jessi has also put together a video outlining the basics of shadow work. Take a gander here.

This is a beautiful piece that was featured on Little Red Tarot during last year’s solstice. Karen Clarke has four powerful lessons to share about darkness and regenerative energy.

That’s what I’ve got for you now – it’s a shorter list, but very powerful. Reading through these articles will give you a great sense for what shadow work is, and will also give you resources.

Want some assistance on your journey? Grab a Shadow Work Spell Kit. I’ve curated this box to support you fully in your individualized journey. 

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