Summer Altars and Self Care Days

Summer Altars and Self Care Days

Hello lovelies! I’ve got a couple of great posts planned, but they are all oh so serious. I figured that since the last couple of posts have been very serious as well, I would spice things up a bit with a more casual post about altar building and a more personal check-in.

Today, I finally took a much-needed mental health day. Work has been super hectic, and tempers have been running high. There’s been a lot of conflict to deal with. Of course my anxiety was flaring up.

So today I did only the most important work things, then I set up my summer altar and went on a hike.

I didn’t listen to music, I didn’t listen to podcasts, I didn’t have anyone with me, it was just me and the woods. And yes, I did end up taking a call for work, but mostly it was just me and the woods. I don’t spend nearly enough time at the state parks – and there are so many close by, both in the forests of the north woods and on the shore of Lake Superior. I need to do at least a daily hike.

I’ve been dreaming a lot lately of my life while I was in Scandinavia. I had so much room for creativity, so much room for dreaming, and things were just … easy. Not that I expect everything to be easy, and nor should it be, but it inspired me today to think back to small things about that life that I can begin to incorporate.

  1. Hike more. Hike at least once a week, if not multiple times.
  2. Allow for more blank space in my day.
  3. Write. Journal. Blog. Just allow myself space to create.
  4. This one’s weird, but hear me out: Simple sandwiches for lunches. On weekends, they wouldn’t make us a full lunch. We would just have sandwich fixings at breakfast, and make two sandwiches. We would pack them up in brown paper, and they would live in our bags. It got boring, but it was so easy.
  5. Humility. Not worrying about who I was, if I was doing a good job, just living life and learning from the wisdom of others.

So I’m going to try to create more space in my life to connect with that thing I felt in Norway – that peace and calm. Even though I’m constantly challenged by the high stress of my life, maybe I can simplify other things to not feel so drained and overwhelmed? Or maybe not. But it’s certainly worth a shot!

Grounding, Healing, and my Summer Altar

The other big self care thing I did today was to set up my summer altar! Now, I know that I’m running late on this – the summer solstice was almost three weeks ago. Granted, I did leave many of the altar items from my depression-fighting ritual up, but this is a bit more focused on not only this season but my intentions for the next six months of the year.

I recently did a ritual to align myself with my next phase. I’m right in the midst of my Saturn Return, and this spring was particularly difficult with a three month transit. This summer, I’m picking up the pieces and healing from the experience – trying to incorporate the lessons and move forward.

My  theme for this summer altar is grounding and healing. I’m really taking the time to honor Earth forces in this altar. The earthy materials in this altar bowl are from a grounding ritual I did this last full moon, and it is supported here by the presence of my crystals. The glass bottle in the bowl is filled with water from Lake Superior, and water to me represents healing and getting in touch with my emotions.

The scarf that covers my bookshelf is actually one that I bought while I was in India seven years ago. I was drawn to the solid, geometric design and the earthy green color to keep things grounded.

I’ve also placed a business card on my altar – because I’ve found Northern Lights Witch to be profoundly healing. I’ll be honest: I’m working on growing this business. I want to offer you new things and soon there will be new offerings for your all. This business card provides me with a weird sense of hope. Hope that there will be more beauty and creativity and art.

I’ve also included this little matryoskha doll. I charged this doll during the Fool gathering of Brooklyn Fools. I’ve placed her here to remind me to laugh, that there are always layers of meaning and to enjoy how it all unfolds.

Of course, all of these items have a deeper meaning to me – but that’s a part of magic: not sharing it all.

I hope you all are having a great summer so far! Stay tuned for witchy happenings around here.

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  1. Happy hiking Abbie! I honestly don’t think there’s anything better than a sandwich in your backpack and a good walk – my absolute favourite thing.

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