Creating Space in my Tarot Studio

Creating Space in my Tarot Studio

Hello lovely readers! Today, I’m going to give you a look at my tarot studio – the place where the magic happens. Literally.

But first: It’s been a hot minute, hasn’t it?

February was quiet for Northern Lights Witch, particularly because it was REALLY loud in other parts of my life. After the election, my career in public policy has been … well, it’s been a lot. I was asked to delay my transition North to work more on legislative policy stuff, and that quickly became emotionally overwhelming. I was living in a temporary space, and while it was a good living situation and my roommates were wonderful and gracious, it’s really hard to not have steady ground underneath your feet.

So I let things chill out a little bit here. And I’m really glad I did. I can’t imagine how burned out I’d be right now if I had pushed myself to keep producing here.

AND! It allowed me space to build up excitement to set up my tarot studio in my new home!

I now live in a town on the shores of Lake Superior, with a thriving arts scene, access to tons of state parks, and what feels like endless possibilities.

A snapshot from a walk in the neighborhood. That’s Lake Superior and the St. Louis River in the background.


Being on Lake Superior, this sometimes feels like a coastal town. I know it’s not, but the lake is basically a huge freshwater sea. It contains 10% of the world’s fresh water. 10. Percent. Y’all.

One of the things I wanted when I picked out this apartment was the ability to have a home office, a studio just for doing tarot work. I don’t know about you, but I am really effected by my physical space. My home reflects my mindset. Those things that I physically make space for are the things that get my attention. If I don’t set up an altar, I don’t feel my practice as much as a living, breathing thing.

And so, it was important to me in creating this new home for myself that I make physical space for the different mindsets I need: student, tarot reader, witch, writer.

Without further babbling, welcome to the tarot studio! There are plenty of places for Wednesday to hang out, like on the arm of my daybed.

This desk is where I do my writing. I actually painted it way back in middle school. It’s been with me for over a decade, going on two decades, and I hope to never part with it.

It’s a beautiful piece, and it is so uniquely me. It looks a bit battered now from all the moves we’ve done together, but it’s here for me.

My desk is very rarely this clean – I usually have papers scattered all over the top of it, piles of halfway-finished projects.



My favorite part of the studio is definitely the daybed! This is such a comfortable “couch” to lounge on, and it doubles as a bed for when guests come to visit. It really makes this space a comfortable place not just to do work, but to get in a spiritual mindset.

This is where I do most of my tarot readings, where I nestle in to spend time with the cards.

 This is my witch’s cabinet – it’s where I keep all of my supplies for witchcraft. It’s an old secretary desk that my ex-boyfriend bought for me – he thought it would be great for my witchcraft supplies, and it really has been.

It has different compartments for different kinds of supplies, and I can keep any herbs that don’t fit in the spice jars in the drawer.

It’s amazing how much my mind has shifted, once more, to working with tarot and witchcraft. I’ve only been in one place for a week, and already I can feel the shroud lifting from my eyes. Everything feels so much clearer, and I already have so much more energy for the things that fill me.

Magic is going to happen here, friends. I just know it.

4 thoughts on “Creating Space in my Tarot Studio

  1. Sg

    So nice to take the tour behind the scenes! That desk and the cabinet are lovely!

    1. Abbie

      Thanks! I love both of those pieces very much. <3

  2. Love that secretary! Do I spy Florida Water?

    1. Abbie

      Oh yes! Florida Water just chillin’ in the background

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