Tarot for the Resistance: What is my place in the movement?

Tarot for the Resistance: What is my place in the movement?

This is a personal tarot reading to learn how I can best use my skills to resist Trump, fascism, and build a powerful collective movement. You can order your own reading on your place in the resistance in my shop.

I’ve been quiet on the blog lately. I’ve been struggling to find my voice in this newly revealed America. I am a student of public policy, in my other career I work to protect my state’s environment. I know that I already do a lot in my life to resist Trump, but I can also feel my role shifting. I’m moving to a new community (eventually), I’m practicing my spirituality more openly, and I’m drawn more and more to the arts.

On this week, bookended with Martin Luther King, Jr. day and the inauguration of Donald Trump as our next president, I feel more intensely my need to work against oppression. This is going to be a long week, and a long four years. We need to preserve ourselves, and also to find the ways we can best fit into the resistance.

So I’ve designed this tarot reading, and I’m sharing it with you now. If you’re reading this, you probably know me – or you’ve been following me here for some time. I want you to know where I stand, what I plan to do in light of this horrific, absolutely terrifying political reality. I want to spread hope, and I will be here for you.

Reading to Resist Trump

I used the Slow Holler deck, which is a beautiful creation of a collective of Southern queer artists.

This spread was designed to get to the heart of all the feelings I have right now, to help me sort through it all and make sense of it. I designed it to help me determine what my role in the resistance is, and how to best use my skills.

In the center, we have me at my core and the skills I bring to the table.

The Kindred tells me to rest, nurture, recover. Over the years, I have tapped more into my maternal instinct. I labor, often in the background, to provide an environment in which others can thrive. I am a healer – it’s ok to own that. Moving forward, it is essential that there is room in the world we create for gentleness and healing. This must happen right alongside the resistance in the streets.

Intersection takes the place of Justice in this deck. This is an affirmation of the skills I have as a community organizer – combined with the Kindred, this shows that I am able to create connections and grow movements across many different identities. I am here to create a more balanced world, and I have the skills to do it. This is a time to connect with my community, my chosen family. This is a time to stretch my talents beyond myself and get out there.

The Slow Holler book asks: Recognize yourself as the co-creator of the world you inhabit. How are you intuitively or unintentionally affecting the balance of energy in your environment? What I take away from this: How am I connecting people, sharing knowledge, and creating balance to support our collective activism?

On either side, I have the cards for where I was and where I’m heading. This is an incredibly emotional time – in general, the spread contains a lot of vessels. This speaks to the intense grief and feelings many of us are having about the change in leadership.

I’ve been deep in my feelings lately. The floodgates have opened and I am only beginning to understand my pain. I needed to take some steps back to begin to understand my place in this new, scary world. I desperately needed to retreat into my inner world in order to better understand what’s happening around me.

At the same time, I’m moving into the phase of the 3 of Vessels. Support. Community healing. We can’t resist Trump and his ilk on our own. In this time of despair, it’s imperative to continue shouting our identities – existence, thriving despite hate, is resistance. We need to create connections between groups to do this better – and we need to make sure that the vision of a healing and healed world is at the center of our work.

What does resistance look like internally? How do I practice resistance in the world?

The Traveler of Vessels urges me to shake things up, to begin a new creative endeavor to feed my soul. It reassures me that my voice is important, that my art is essential. It’s ok if I have many false starts at this point – it’s ok if I take time to find the medium that speaks to me. I might need to start and stop, to recallibrate. My artistic side has been quiet for all too long – I need to use my unique voice, my artistic vision, for better. I need to put energy behind this, for my sake and the sake of those I could inspire. Change is the only constant I can recognize, and my artistic life is changing rapidly.

Externally, the Chariot tells me to keep moving forward. It is an act of resistance in and of itself to live the fullest of our identities, to thrive in a society that would shut down LGBT+ people, witches, and people of color. Now is the time to keep asserting myself, so show that this bigotry is not ok. Now is a time to take on a new role, to do something I’ve never tried. It’s clear that we need to keep pushing: Now is no time to stand still. I need to trust my intuition that I’m on the right path. I need to release the past, release my fear, and keep moving.

Tools for the journey: Two of Branches, The Lovers, and the Traveler of Branches.

My passion for many things will serve me well. I have talents left untapped that will help to build an exciting new collective in spite of the current political climate. I am not new to metamorphosis. Now more than ever I need to draw on my multipassionate self and build a community of loved ones who share a vision – and who understand the necessity of infusing our movement with creativity. What we have been doing? It hasn’t been working. Now is the time for a shift.

I am used to balancing many things, with a capacity for experimentation that is really important to utilize. What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked – we need to revolutionize the revolution.

I am a deeply empathetic person, able to see many sides of the same story. This emotional intelligence is critical to support any movement. The Lovers also serves as a reminder to all of us to commit to that which we love, that which is important to us – but never to sacrifice our self care. We need to excise those things that don’t serve us, and we need to make space for unique and diverse voices in our movement.

The Lovers, combined with the Kindred, also reflects the role of a teacher. To me, passing on knowledge is an incredibly loving thing to do. It’s done in families (chosen and blood), and it’s essential for the movement. I see experimentation here, but also the capacity for guidance.

A final word of advice: The 2 of Stones. “Move, glide, dance, and spin from your core.” I need to make sure that I’m grounded, that I’m supported by a beautiful home base. Now is a time to take care of ourselves, to give ourselves the space to ground and center. Even while experimenting, I need to come back to familiar territory. For the sake of my soul, and to avoid burnout, I need to make sure that my efforts as an activist are balanced by my efforts as an artist. In this new world, I may find myself more in the role of a mediator than I ever have in the past. It takes a lot of work to stay grounded in the midst of conflict.

In summary: It’s ok that I feel more drawn to my work as a healer right now. Healing work, tarot, and art are all very important things to bring to the movement. We need to keep our vision on a better world, and to do that we must take care of ourselves and make room for those things that fill us.

Most of all: We need to follow our intuition. We know more than we think we do, and we need all the inspiration possible to make this world a better place. Art is important. Expressing our identities is important. May we continue to fight in beauty.

Did you like this reading? Are you also looking for your role in the movement to resist Trump? You can order a reading in my shop! Sliding scale is always available if you need help.

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