Exciting News! New Years Offerings

Hello beautiful readers and followers! I’ve got some special offerings this season, and I’m so excited to roll them out.

We’re getting close to the New Year, and I find this to be one of the most important times to practice as a witch. The winds are turning, it’s dark by 5 pm, and we’re coming up on winter. I’m thinking about the turning of the year, and what I’m incubating this winter. In these difficult times, I’m turning more to creativity and those things that heal my soul.

Now is quite the time for tarot and healing work.

It’s time to welcome some new energy, and to rededicate ourselves to our callings in life. There are few things better for rejuvenating energy than a new year.

That’s why I’m offering something special this season: New Year Intuitive Readings.


What is the New Year Intuitive Reading?

The New Year Intuitive Reading includes:

  • 30 minute skype consultation with me
  • Mind-Body-Soul tarot reading for you
  • A zodiac tarot reading, examining the building energies of each house of the zodiac in your life
  • A personalized blessing and spellwork from me
  • A personalized ritual + workbook for your new year

And one more thing: I will only be offering 20 of these readings.

You can purchase your Intuitive Reading on December 15th. If you are interested in purchasing one of these now, or if you have any other questions, please email me at: abbie@northernlightswitch.com.

New Year Intuitive Readings will cost $200.

If you’re interested in just the tarot portion of this, that will be $60 for the zodiac reading, and $20 to add the Mind-Body-Soul reading.

I will also have gift certificates available – because Tarot Readings make for a great gift for your loved ones.

All of this also means that I’ll be updating my website. The site will be down this weekend while I do some work to make it better. The new site will include:

  • Easy scheduling options for Skype and In-Person Readings
  • Brand new logo!
  • Testimonials from querents
  • Gift certificate purchases
  • … and more!

The New Year is just such a wonderful time for reflection, and it’s made even more so by the fact that Mercury is about to go retrograde. This could mean some hiccups over the holidays and make shit weird, but it also means that we’re in an incredible place to reflect on what we need to change in the New Year. I am here for you, I am here for that, let’s get out the cards and dig in.

I would love to hear from you this season. What are you releasing from 2016? What revolutions are you planning for 2017?

With love and justice,


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