Taking A Break

I need a break – see you in September!

I’ve got a confession for you:

I am crap at letting myself take a vacation.

I think it’s a part of my good Midwestern upbringing. I’m a prairie girl: hardworking, serious, and a bit stubborn.

I actually feel guilty when I take time for myself.

I know this is wrong. I know this is a product of capitalist society telling me that I’m only worth what I can produce. And I’m working on getting over it.

We are all worth much more than our productivity.

Burnout is the #1 killer of my creativity. I have so many ideas for the future direction of Northern Lights Witch. Rolling around in my head right now: new services, new readings, event services and planning, and maybe – just maybe! – a podcast.

But I need to take time to really sort out what I want to provide, how to balance it all with the day job, and get strategic. It takes time to plan, but it is sooooo worth it.

I think it’s time for me to take a step back from producing content for Northern Lights Witch – but only for a short time. For the month of August, I’ll be blissfully vacationing! I’ve got three weeks left in Norway, and I want to take the time to explore and relax.

I will be back at it, writing, launching new services, and creating new things for you, in September.

As you all know, I’ve been traveling. I’m finishing up my coursework in Norway, and will be headed out for a two week tour of some of the cities along the coast.

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