Black Lives Matter: A Spell for Visioning Justice

Hello all.

It’s been a rough week. It’s been a rough month. It’s hard to maintain hope in the light of so much violence around the world. I am mourning the deaths from bombings in Turkey, the Medina bombing at the height of Ramadan, and three black men killed across the US last week. Police officers shot down at a rally in Dallas, against the wishes of the protestors.

One of the black men killed – Philando Castile – was murdered in my own backyard.

If I were home, I would go to the streets to demand justice. I would show support for people of color and my community by showing up with food, water, and supplies to the occupation of the Governor’s Mansion. I’d come ready to march. But I’m thousands of miles away. What can I do from here?

I haven’t been around wifi that much, and I’ve had an intense week with my program’s excursion. I haven’t been able to take the time to post anything substantial here. This post may be later than I would usually publish it, but I think it’s important to remember that this isn’t a pain of one moment. It is important to react immediately, but it is also important to sustain the fight.

Because unfortunately, this isn’t going to change overnight.

I want to offer support. I want to offer what little healing I can while I’m away. My shop is open, if you need to sort out your feelings with a tarot reading. If money is a barrier, please just email me: We can figure something out. I want to be here to help sustain and heal you as you work for justice.

I’ve drafted up a spell. Please feel free to do this spell, or to use it as inspiration for your own spellwork.

A Spell or Ritual for Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Visioning

Purpose of this ritual: To regenerate your inner strength, and define your vision of peace and justice.

Materials: The names of those who have been murdered by police, written down on paper. The names of the black men, women, and black trans people who have been shot. Or the names of the Orlando shooting victims. Or the names of those who have died in bombings.

Candle to represent fire. Incense to represent air. Water in a cup or bowl. A stone or salt to represent earth.

Crystals that speak to you. Selenite for protection/balance and Rose Quartz for healing are my suggestions.

Paper and pen.

The Ritual

  1. Cast a circle, if that is a part of your magical practice. Do not light the candle and incense at this time.
  2. Say the names of the dead aloud. Honor them at the center of your altar.
  3. Hold the crystal in your hands. Ground and center. Imagine light surrounding you. Scan the light for dark spots, and imagine them disappearing. Meditate here as long as you need.
  4. When you are ready, turn to your altar. Greet the elements.

    Dip your fingers in the water. Say: “I welcome Water, to honor emotions of grief and wash away the fear.”
    Pick up the stone, or run your fingers through the salt. Say: “I welcome Earth, to provide stable footing for the march to justice and peace.”
    Light the incense. Say: “I welcome Air, to bring mental clarity and strategic knowledge to this fight for justice.”
    Light the candle. Say: “I welcome Fire, to warm us in dark times and burn away injustice.”

  5. Envision these four elements coming together in perfect balance. Imagine yourself moving through these elemental stages of cleansing, strengthening, strategy, and burning bright. Feel each stage as a building block, adding to that inner light. Move through each stage multiple times if you need.
  6. Take up the pen and paper. Begin to write, and don’t move the pen from the paper for at least five minutes. Write through your grief, write through your strength, and begin to imagine what it will take to build a better world.
    What are you looking for? What does a world without police brutality look like? Without mass shootings? Without bombings?
    What are your talents, and how can you lend them to the movement?
    What do you want to build?
  7. Rise up. Move your body. Dance this vision into existence. Ring bells, beat drums, dance dance dance.
  8. Burn the paper with your writing. Send the energy into the world.
  9. Grab your crystal. Ground and center. Eat something to comfort yourself. If you cast a circle, lift it.

WAIT to journal about this experience until the next morning. Your dreams may play a part in the spellwork. It may take time to process.

I invite you to use this spell or ritual for your own community, for the injustices you seek to right. I hope this can bring you personal strength, and I hope you can bring light and strength to your communities.

Peace, friends. I love you.

If you are looking for other actions to take, please consider donating to these organizations:

Campaign Zero: Working to end police brutality. If you are in the US, you can also contact your representatives.

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis: This is my personal ask to you – Because I’m from this community, I would love for you to support this wonderful chapter of the movement. The link will take you to the PayPal donate page – I got it off the Black Lives Matter Minneapolis facebook page.

Here’s a great roundup of other places to donate to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Neighborhoods Organizing for Change: An amazing local Minneapolis organization fighting for racial justice on the North side.

Donate to Philando Castile’s family’s fund.

Donate to Alton Sterling’s family’s fund.

4 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter: A Spell for Visioning Justice

  1. I’m a fellow Twin Cities witch, living a mile from the Governor’s Mansion. Thank you for sharing this. It hurts to be here as well, just like I’m sure it hurts to be far away. It hurts to march and give support and fight the leaden worry that it won’t make a difference, that what I’m offering is just too meager. But I try to remember there are so many of us trapped in this web who are trying to change it, to cut the cords. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Abbie

      I’m glad this ritual reached you! I would be with you if I were home. I’m so glad that you are doing what you can, even when the problem seems so huge as to be hopeless.

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