Conjure Woman and Stargazer: A Conversation with Mecca Woods

I chat with Mecca Woods about astrology and what it means to be a conjure woman in the 21st century. 

I’m having conversations with people in the occult and tarot community about community and spirituality. The idea is that everyone has a unique story to tell, that as we move forward in creating spiritual practices that are meaningful to us, we need to be in conversation with people who practice in very different ways. These conversations are long form because these people are fabulous and you’ll want to read it all.


So let’s begin at the beginning, I guess? Tell me a little bit more about yourself. What brought you to astrology professionally?

I had always had an interest in astrology but I didn’t start to take to seriously until I found myself at a crossroads of sorts.
I was working a job that I hated. Like seriously it got so bad I would cry on the way there and back
Plus, I kept finding myself involved with men that didn’t value me in the way I would have liked them to
I was dealing with this one particular guy.
And I can equate it to Mr. and Mrs. Smith without the happy ending. Being in this unfulfilled space led me to pick up an astrology book, which led me to my first reading with an astrologer. And I was able to find out that astrology could do so much more outside of surface compatibility. I was hooked from there. So after having a series of readings, it started to become clear that I needed to leave that job. While I don’t always recommend it to others, I decided to leave without having a safety net in place. My daughter and I moved back to my parents and that’s when I thought about practicing professionally.
But I was scared though. Some of my friends thought I was crazy … but I kept thinking there was something bigger I should be doing.
What advice would you give someone before they get their chart read? To you – what’s the magic of astrology?
Astrology is really all about timing, patterns. Once you have these down it gets easier to plan and easier to adjust those plans when things get crazy. Essentially to me astrology helps us to adapt to and better handle change. I’ve learned that we humans don’t really like change. We’re creatures of habit. But we need change to stay alive, otherwise we grow stagnant and decay.
For someone getting their first chart reading, I think first and foremost it’s important to find a reader who knows what they’re doing. To find a reader who feels right to them. Because if you have someone telling you about very personal things in your life they need to be trustworthy.
Another thing I would say is to look for astrology to help you create positive changes in your life. Look for astrology to be a tool to empower you.
So let’s talk a bit more about identity. Do you identify as a witch outside of being an astrologer? 
I do identify as a witch. I think of myself as a conjure woman. And that’s the crux of my astrology practice: helping women, especially marginalized women, to recognize the conjure woman in them.
I’m a Sagittarius with an Aquarius Moon. I don’t like being limited nor being asked to stick to status quo. To me a witch is a rebel.
What does it mean to be a conjure woman?
Well I think it ties to the name of my practice – My Life Created.
I chose that name because I wanted people to know that they weren’t victims of some unseen force. That they had choices and options to steer their life in the direction they wanted. In that sense to be a conjure woman is the same thing … it’s about using my feminine power to create the life I want. Its about tapping into Source to co-create with the universe.
Part of my readings are to prescribe spells and rituals for my clients, so there can be active follow-up with what they’re trying to accomplish.

I don’t have a popular school of magic that I follow … I tend to combine things from all over. My thinking is that what I do now is what my ancestors have done forever and a lot of that is making do with what you readily have.

I tend to work with herbs/plants a lot, and I also love crystals. I’m a bit of a green witch.
But I think the best spells are those that are spoken/written.
What family traditions have you carried on that feed your conjure woman lifestyle? What have you learned directly from family/ancestors? This can also be tradition learned from chosen family.
My parents have always spoken about vibrations and energy since I was little. They helped me to understand the concept of psychic protection and cleansing. Some examples are: not sleeping with shoes around the bed, using water to wash away bad vibes, not allowing certain people to physically touch you, etc.
I’m conscious of energy that I invite in and I try to teach my daughter the same.
Oh and one last piece to that would be trusting my intuition. My parents both have told me on so many occasions to do so. Intuition is a major part of conjuring.
Do you tie your active practice back to when you left that terrible job and started learning astrology? Or would you say that this sense of yourself as a conjure woman has always been with you – but that those experiences really crystallized it?
I would say that’s its always been with me. But sometimes the universe sends you these trial by fire experiences to remember those pieces of you. There’s never really been a time where I didn’t get something that I wanted (if it was truly meant for me) or accomplished if I put my focus/energy on it. I might not have had the word “witch” to describe it, buy I’ve definitely always known how to conjure.
I just think that we forget we can, especially women. We’re told we always need to look outside of ourselves for everything. This even comes down to popular spiritual doctrine. Every day it’s drilled into us “you’re not enough.”
Its important to remember we are.
We internalize so many messages that we aren’t enough. We internalize sexism, racism, all of these things designed to keep people from reaching full potential. I think I definitely forgot that I could create my life. I had to change that internal narrative before I could really move.
I 100% agree. That’s why I say words are powerful in spell work…anything you give breath to, you give life/existence to.
It sounds like your work as a conjure woman is, at its core, fighting against oppression. Inviting your clients to reach inside themselves to find what will liberate them. That is so powerful.
Yes! While I recognize there are still those variables that are out of our control…I’m like well what do you have control over? What can you do with YOUR power right now?
My last question for you is: What advice would you give someone who is just beginning to learn about magic, just beginning to take steps to conjuring their own lives? What are some important beginner’s spells or practices?
I think the biggest piece of advice of a beginner witch is to please, please, PLEASE never use spell work to interfere with free will or to try to control someone. I did that once as a teen not knowing any better and got myself into a dangerous situation. Luckily my guides bailed me out but…still. Not good.
The other thing I’d advise is to get creative, learn how to use what you have. Sometimes the most simple spell can have the biggest results.
Overall, just be open to learning.
Thank you so much, Mecca, for taking the time to talk to me and the readers at Northern Lights Witch. You are truly wonderful.

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  1. Mecca is wonderful. Her astrology is always on point!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Abbie and Mecca!

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