Introducing: Summer Reading Coven

Hello beautiful readers! I’m here to let you in on a project that’s been brewing for a while: The Summer Reading Coven series.

Summer Reading Coven Series

So as many of you know if you’ve been following me on social media, I’m heading out for some Scandinavian adventures this summer. I’ll be studying energy and sustainable development in Oslo for my masters, and doing some other travel. While I’m away, I’ll be doing a lot of reading.

Over the last year, it has been fantastic to meet new people that are also trying to make their way through the world as a witch. One thing that a lot of us share? We fucking love books.

So we’re going to share some of our favorite books with you! These are books that have influenced us personally, or books that have provoked thought and changed the way we practice. Each week this summer, a new essay will be published here by one of the participating witches. I will be publishing two essays bookending the summer, and the others in the series will post weekly after that.

But before we dig in, I’m going to introduce you to others in the coven!


Jeanna Kadlec is a queer-identified, ex-academic turned entrepreneur obsessed with mixing woo and brand strategy. Jeanna fell in love with brand strategy while starting her first business, Bluestockings Boutique. She ended up mixing a lot of tarot and astrology with her business practices – and when she did that, she found that she was more grounded, more realistic, and more empowered in her business. Investing in her spiritual side was absolutely essential to growing her business. She went looking for woo-y resources explicitly for girlbosses, and kept coming up short. Cue: Girlboss Woo. Check out her work at 


Cassandra Snow is a professional tarot card reader, theatre maker, and writer operating out of Minneapolis,MN. Cassandra has been reading tarot for over a decade, and encourages her clients to view tarot as a tool for healing and empowerment. Cassandra has a series on “Queering the Tarot” in syndication at and Little Red Tarot that she also leads occasional workshops on. You can find out more by visiting where she also blogs occasionally.


SJ is a genderqueer witchy pagan who appreciates being referred to as xe/xyr or they/them. Xe’s a person of many identities: disabled, environmental activist, knitter, sci-fi geek, future law student. Xe’s obsessed with the Tarot and its ability to tap in to something greater than ourselves to help us comprehend truth. SJ has felt the call to the path of the Witch for over half xyr life, but SJ is still figuring out how to walk that path and integrate all xyr identities, because they come from the same place: valuing life in all its forms and working to protect it. Check out xyr work: Witchling in Flight.

Dana Lavender Moon

Dana is a 24-year-old Sagittarius from Chicagoland. By day she works as an editor. By night she’s usually asleep. In between, she finds time to do all the other things she loves, like blogging, astrology, reading tarot, drinking tea, and devouring books. She also makes a mean soft-boiled egg. She believes there’s magic in the everyday and tries her best to find it. You can find her over at, dishing it out about tarot and spirituality for the modern gal. 


Ashley McElyea is a queer person, moon witch, tarot reader, coffee-fueled writer and wild introvert.  She uses tarot, astrology, moon magic, and storytelling in her all her crafts. When she’s not giving tarot readings, she is studying her craft, working on a tarot inspired story, unoriginally titled “Untitled Story By Tarot”, and reading all the books on her TBR list. At just about any given time, she can be found on her Instagram and Twitter. For HP inclined folks, she is a proud Ravenclaw. For astrologically inclined folks, she is a very complicated Scorpio Sun/Libra Moon/Aries Rising. Check out her work here: Story By Tarot.

I am so excited to be bringing you these essays! It’s going to be a fabulous summer of reading and inspiration! Check back most Wednesdays for a new post in the Summer Reading Coven series. My first post will be going up on Wednesday, June 22nd.

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