Deck Spotlight on Cosmos: Tarot and Oracle Deck

Deck Spotlight on Cosmos: Tarot and Oracle Deck


I love love LOVE this deck!

The basics: Cosmos is a tarot + oracle deck together. That in itself makes this special. On top of that, each card corresponds to a constellation. The oracle deck speaks of the influences of the planets and other major astronomical bodies in our reach. The cards of the Major Arcana have been paired with the zodiac and the ten major constellations, while the Minor Arcana get their own constellation pairings.

This is an absolutely fascinating deck to use to pair with astrological questions! One of my most memorable tarot readings lately was a full zodiac reading for a long-distance friend in NYC. This deck paired so beautifully.


Another part of why I love this deck is the connection to my city. I’m based in Minneapolis, and this deck was a collaboration between 100 international artists and an art lab located here. One of those artists is someone I’ve met before (Trung Nguyen), and I love it when his art comes up in a reading. I feel a very personal connection to this deck.

Of course, each card being drawn by a different artist, and the artists each have their own distinct styles that somehow work together. Many of the cards feel inspired by comics, many of the cards feel like detailed fairy tale illustrations, and still others have a feel of a rich oil painting.

So … what is this playful, complicated deck here to teach me?

Tell me about yourself. 


This is a very hopeful deck, interested in gains and sorting out the negative from the positive. This deck focuses on strengths and strategies for getting what you most need.

What are your strengths as a deck?


… I see what you did there.

What are your limits as a deck?


This deck is perhaps more practical – very helpful for readings that have to do with your external life, but internal life may be a bit shrouded. It is necessary to stare your darkest parts in the face when going through a renewal or transition, and this deck isn’t focused on those things.

What are you here to teach me?


This deck is here to cut through the bullshit. Tone down the drama. Be effective. This deck will point out when you’re lacking initiative, and when you need to move on to new and better things.

How can I best collaborate with you?


This deck will help me to see the inspiration and assistance I need to give. It will help me understand where I’m at in projects, and attack them like the steadfast and confident figure of Piscis Austrinus. This deck will help me to live out my duties with calm reserve.

What will characterize our journey together?


We’re in it for the long haul! Together, we will reap the benefits of hard work and earn accomplishments.

On a personal note, the purchase of this deck marks the time when I started to get really serious about a daily practice. It’s a fairly sassy deck – I mean, strength, hello – but it’s also an absolutely beautiful deck. The personal connection, the connection between this deck and my hometown, the fact that I know some artists who contributed – all of that culminated in me beginning to get over my fear of incorporating tarot more into my life.

I haven’t read many other deck interviews, or seen much in the Tarotverse about this deck, so I’m very curious to hear from readers what you may be thinking about this deck! Let me know in the comments.

You can order your copy of the Cosmos Tarot + Oracle deck here.

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  1. Juna -- Natural Mystic Guide

    I absolutely love your method for reviewing this deck. Brilliant! I hope that you will consider it a compliment if I choose to emulate this method for getting acquainted/reviewing a new deck. Best wishes! Juna

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