A Spring Equinox + Eclipse Season Tarot Reading

A Spring Equinox + Eclipse Season Tarot Reading


I was buried deep in my reading for class last night, when I came up for air and decided to take a walk. Sometimes, walking helps me process what’s happening in my mind, and moving my body wakes me up. As I was turning a corner, I saw the moon in all her glory. There was a bright ring around the moon, and it shone bright through the city lights. Next to the moon in the sky, I could clearly see the outline of Orion.

And I knew that I couldn’t just go back to the books. I had a vision – immediately – for a tarot reading dedicated to this specific transition.

First, I took the meditative bath I’ve been meaning to. I filled the tub with hot water, added some epsom salts, and imagined all the tension of the last season draining away. I lit a candle – Balsam Fir – whose scent reminded me of the winter season, and the things that happened to me then. When I came upstairs to do the reading, I blew out the old candle and lit a new one: a vanilla/coffee candle a friend had given me. It represented the change to the new.

I knew it was time. I took my oldest deck – Arthurian Tarot – down from the shelf, and started to shuffle.

This is a very powerful reading, and it’s also very personal. I’m sharing it with you all now because this is important to me, and I hope that the structure of this reading – and the insights to be gained from it – can inspire you to create your own spreads.

This is a tarot reading in two parts: The first part, the part I did last night, was assessing where I’m at now (both internally and externally), and a mind/body/soul reading of what I’m leaving in the last season. This morning when I woke up, I finished the reading, by drawing three more cards in the early light of dawn: representing the mind/body/soul guidance I will feel in this coming season.

Cards 1 and 2: My internal and external faces


Ten of Swords and King of Cups:

I have come to the end of a great struggle. It was a success, but hard won and I have made some sacrifices. Internally, I’m trying to pick up the pieces. Externally, I’m a reclusive but very caring leader.

Cards 3, 4, and 5: Mind/Body/Soul influences to release from the last season


Mind: The Adder Reversed: Competition has gotten the best of me. There’s an adder in my mind that has lurked, a harbinger of deception.

Body: 8 of Spears: I have an unattainable vision. I’ve been plagued by low self-esteem and toxic thoughts about my body type. I need to leave this behind.

Soul: 3 of Spears: My soul has been urging me toward a new undertaking. I’ve begun the process – that beginning was in last season. I don’t need to see this as a beginning anymore – the ventures are now underway.

Cards 6, 7, and 8: Mind/Body/Soul influences to welcome this season


Mind: Death: I will welcome a death of the old ways of thinking. I need to make way for a revolution of thought.

Body: 10 of Spears: The tremendous pressure of this season will be felt in my body. I feel the need to play by the rules of the game to succeed – which may lead to restrictions I place on how I present myself physically.

Spirit: King of Spears Reversed: I will learn to be more firm in my opinions. This is a time when my soul is focused on trying/striving for myself. This is a message to stay firm in my convictions, but to remember to stay grounded with others’ needs.


Overall, the reading is very spears – focused. Very focused on the mind, on intellect, and on success dependent on thought and thinking. This makes sense – I’m a graduate student, I work in public policy, a lot of my professional life is spent with my mind at the moment.

Particularly intriguing to me is the “body” portion of the reading. I may need to think of more readings to explore perceptions of my body. This could be a healing journey, and I haven’t thought of tarot as a way to check in with my body image or body positivity before, but it definitely reflected things back that I needed to hear.

I think it was very powerful to do part of the reading before bed, and part of the reading in the morning after I’ve slept. I’ve been tracking my dreams lately, so there’s some added magic to the night.

3 thoughts on “A Spring Equinox + Eclipse Season Tarot Reading

  1. Lily Xavier

    This is pretty inspiring for me. I wonder if I should do a reading after my workout today. Body Positive Tarot has a nice ring to it.

    1. Yes yes! I was honestly surprised – definitely dug up more there that I didn’t share in the full post. It makes me want to get a bit more physical with the cards

  2. Posted a comment and then got an error. Gross.

    1) I love Body Positivity Tarot.
    2) Toxic thoughts about your body type? But your body type is Hot. So… there is no need for toxic thoughts about it!
    3) I think I’ve seen the King of Cups – especially “reclusive but caring leader” – in you already this week. Looking forward to seeing more!

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