The Healing Power of Household Chores

The Healing Power of Household Chores

It’s spring break! Which means that as a grad student I’m taking a deep breath and doing some much-needed self care. My boss even said that I could take most of the week off, so instead of my usual 60+, I’m only working 10!

It feels strange to take full days to just do whatever the hell I want. And it’s so needed.

I’m taking some time, as I outlined in my last post, to reinvigorate my spiritual practices. But it’s going to get busy again soon. And it’s times like these that I remind myself of something:

It doesn’t need to be a full on ritual to be a spiritual practice. It doesn’t need to be anything outside of your normal life to be a spiritual practice.

That’s why I’ve been drawn lately to “kitchen witchery.” A kitchen witch is someone who has a very grounding presence, who infuses their home and the mundane with love, and adds a little magic to the every day.

Open windows! Rejoice!


And the thing that’s bringing me joy and peace this week? Spring cleaning.

Cleaning can be a stress reliever for me. When I’m really busy, I tend to let things slide – my environment reflects my cluttered mind, my bedside table becomes littered with books half-read and notes to self, clothes all over the floor (clean – they just never made it to their drawers and hangers), papers stacked a mile high, and just … clutter. Everywhere.

But then when I do get a break, it feels deeply cleansing to sort through it all. Because not only am I sorting through the crap that needs to be picked up, I’m sorting through my thoughts. My mind continues to reflect my surroundings – but this time, it’s clear.

If I’m feeling like I need to infuse even more meditation in my life, amp up my natural magic just a bit more, there are some things I’ll add to my cleaning ritual. They are:

  • Light candles! The fire of a candle, even if it hasn’t been blessed, helps me feel energized and passionate as I’m cleaning. It also makes me feel a little more special.
  • Burn some Frankincense and Myrrh incense. This scent is supposed to drive away negativity. But it doesn’t *have* to be this scent – whatever scent encourages you to be positive and to chase away the negativity.
  • Cleanse my crystals while I’m cleaning my room. I usually do this by holding my stones over a lit candle, then soaking them in water I have blessed.
  • Find beauty in nature to bring in to your space. These could be fresh picked wildflowers, driftwood, stones you’ve found, or any other found objects that caught your fancy.

And now, for some tarot! I’ve had a lot of just … stuff going on, and I feel like there’s a lot of emotions I’m dealing with right now around some endings and beginnings. I feel like I could use some help finding direction on what to continue to carry with me, and what to let go of. I used the Cosmos tarot deck, because it felt a bit more lighthearted – it was at the level I wanted to confront myself.

Here’s the “spring cleaning” spread, written by Beth Maiden. Check out the original post here at Little Red Tarot.

(c) Beth Maiden, Little Red Tarot

1 + 2: You, now.

3 + 4: Clutter floating around to clear out

5 + 6 + 7: Redecoration! Fresh Ideas!

8: Ok, but really. Time to throw this one OUT.

This one came out a little weird – 5, 6, and 7 positions seemed to come out first for me, but after attempting to read the cards as drawn it was just … too weird. Especially when all of this makes more sense the way I ended up laying them.

1 + 2: Me, now:

2 of Earth crossed by the Hanged Man: Looks like this is a huge time for learning for me! Specifically, these cards together are about the importance of learning in the sciences, but also learning wisdom from within. I am just soaking everything up right now, and this is very affirming (learning and engaging with science, math, and economics are a huge part of my education at the moment).

3 + 4: Clutter floating around to clear out:

3 of Water Reversed and 4 of Fire Reversed: This is a pretty humbling combination. I think the cards here are telling me to chill out, that I don’t need to be the perfect one all the time, that I don’t always need to be the one at the epicenter of the action. I feel very insecure about where I’m at sometimes, and here the cards are telling me that I’m trying to overcompensate my insecurities by appearing overly confident. Just chill out.

5 + 6 + 7: Redecoration! Fresh ideas!

The Sun + 1 of Fire + Queen of Earth Reversed: This is all about passion and creativity. While I may not want to be the most attention-grabbing person now (remember: chill), but that I need to find ways to tap into my creativity. Sometimes I feel like I’m all go-go-go, and that I don’t have the space for creativity. I feel like I’m drowning, like Cassiopeia as depicted on the Queen of Earth card. But a way to remedy this feeling, as I’m constantly going and moving and changing and growing, is to find low-key ways to create things on my terms.

8: The thing I most need to throw out.

8 of Water: Hiding from judgement, insecurity. Hiding myself, and feeling like I can’t have any flaws. Perfectionism, being unwilling to show my quirks for fear of being judged incapable. This plays into the 4 + 5 cards well, because those cards are all about presenting a perfected image. This cuts to the core of that: I shouldn’t be ashamed of who I am, and I shouldn’t have to present a perfection. It’s ok to reveal my flaws. It’s ok to reveal myself.

Here’s to a week of self care and creativity!

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