State of the Moon: February New Moon

State of the Moon is a semi-regular, bimonthly check in with the universe.

I have always been much more likely to follow the New Moon cycle than the Full Moon Cycle. My Wiccan training has taught me that the New Moon is all about intention setting and intuitive work, whereas the Full Moon is about manifestation and action.

I am an incredibly driven person, and can get so caught up in the doing I forget to pause. I personally find intention-setting to be the critical balance to all that doing. If I don’t take time and figure out myself, my intentions, I can get lost. I can get so enthusiastic about the doing that I forget the big picture. Small failures become huge, I beat myself up, and it’s overall No Good.

If the new moon is a time to meditate on our intentions and our goals, then the full moon is a time to send the energy behind those goals out into the universe to manifest. And friends: This one’s a doozy.

Art: Mari Jackson 1979

So what does this new moon in Aquarius bring us?

Aquarius is the sign of innovation, of breaking down destructive systems and building them up in a new way. Aquarius is the sign of the visionary, of the future.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, which is the planet of change. On this new moon, there is a moon sextile Uranus – a powerful movement, made extra powerful because we are in Aquarius season and Uranus is tied to Aquarius. This means that the two influences of intuition and ambition are strong. There is a lot of energy in the air – this new moon is particularly innovative. The moon also squares Mars – bringing up volatile emotions and impulses, though this tension is balanced out by the moon conjunct sun, which brings more harmony to the situation. There is a push and a pull and a tug at the heartstrings.

This moon feels very external to me. It feels innovative, but in a public way. There’s a revolution stirring, friends. What does your revolution look like? What big changes do you want to manifest? How do the changes you seek benefit society as a whole?

This is a good time to evaluate the systems you are a part of, and how those systems impact society. This is a huge moment – there is so much at stake in the world, so many injustices to work against. This revolution of Aquarius is needed, and it’s needed now. We need to remember, on this new moon, that revolution is an emotional state. It’s ok to strive for something greater, but mourn the life you are upending, and take time to refocus.

I feel this with environmental justice issues. Outside of my witchcraft, I work on climate change and environmental policy. My work outside of this spirit life is so critical, and I feel an immense amount of pressure as the time to cut our carbon and greenhouse gas emissions comes to a close. My heart breaks for what’s happening in Flint, for nations who will soon be under water, for Syrian refugees displaced because of conflict over water and resources. These issues were created by a hegemony that wanted to increase their bottom line while making their system the most convenient.

As a white woman, I have benefited from this system. This is a system I am working to overthrow. And sometimes, I get tired. It would be easier for me not to fight, to ignore the injustices and live in my privileged bubble. I constantly need to check in with my intentions, and to be gentle with myself when I need to turn off my brain and watch junk tv. There’s a push and a pull and a tension. Revolution isn’t easy, revolution isn’t convenient. Recognize where you’re at emotionally, pause, and keep moving.

Take time to care for yourself. The new moon is a time to look into your shadow, to see the wounds you bear and take a night to heal.

Find power in this moon. Find focus in this moon. Let yourself feel your feelings, let yourself mourn your losses. But fight. Set your intention. Know that you can’t divorce the fight from your emotions. But guess what? They make you stronger. So feel them.

What draws your focus? What revolution are you fighting?  What futures do you dream? 

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