My Tarot Philosophy

I’ve been practicing tarot for ten years. How I’ve used the tarot has shifted and changed a lot in that time, as I’ve grown in my study as a witch. This blog is still fairly new, so I just wanted to tell you all a little bit about how I come to the practice.

There are a lot of ways to do tarot. I want to talk about how I use the cards, and the ethics involved in reading for others.

You can use tarot to learn about yourself, to prioritize your goals, as a creative tool, as an artistic prompt, to create spells and rituals for your spiritual practice, to learn about others, to set intentions, to write stories, any myriad of things!

I use the tarot in a lot of different ways. I have used it for spellwork, I have used it to learn about myself. I haven’t used it as a creative-writing tool, but I’m interested in trying that out.

I don’t see or use the tarot as a way to predict the future. It’s more about exploring the different options available to you. It’s more about learning and understanding yourself, less about predicting the future. It’s all about how you react to the energy of the cards, and to the energy of others. And that holds through whether I’m reading for myself or for others.

I do not see tarot as a way for myself or my querents to get in the heads of others. I find that unethical and at its core messes with an energy I’m not willing to mess with. So I read for myself, and for others present for the reading. Consent is important. I will not read for someone else without their consent.

When reading for myself, I use tarot to learn.

I see tarot as a beautiful way to get to know yourself. The art can speak to something deep inside of you that your consciousness may not be able to reach. I have also used tarot in my magical practice as well – trying to take tarot out into the world with me, to see it as a way to help my dreams manifest. The energy is powerful. I sometimes use tarot to explore my dream world, my shadow self. It helps to connect me to the deep corners of myself.

Tarot also brings art to my life in a gorgeous way. Learning about new decks, exploring deep into my own decks, connects me with many artistic traditions and brings its own richness to my life.

For the first 8 or so years that I practiced tarot, this was largely a solitary pursuit. I was afraid to read for others, unsure how to ground the energy I was receiving and unable to take up the cards publicly. I was afraid.

But this year, I’ve found community. I’ve connected with other tarot readers around the world, and have learned new ways of using the cards from them.

When reading for others, I use the tarot as a conduit to help them learn and heal. 

Usually, when someone comes to me for a reading, there’s a reason. There’s something large shifting in their lives, or they’re at a crossroads, or the way forward appears murky, or their energy feels seriously depleted. I am so grateful for the trust they place in me, and I am grateful to be on this path.

I think that connecting over the cards is a beautiful thing. It is an act of self-care, an act of trust, an engagement with the mysteries of life. When I read for others, I want the process to be give and take. I want it to be about the journey of life, and a way to get real with each other and with the world around us.

Anything that comes up in a reading, any decisions the querent might make after leaving the reading, are entirely up to them. I merely aim to be a mirror of sorts, reflecting aspects of their journey or their inner self that they may have overlooked.

This is a beautiful, old practice. It can mean what you want it to mean. It can take many forms, and I’m still experimenting and finding new ways to use the cards.

How do you use the tarot? What resonates with you?

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