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All right, friends, it’s Monday, and my Monday has started off with a bang! Lots of projects going on, lots of things happening, and Mercury goes direct today. With all of this energy swirling around, it felt like a good time to pull some cards and do some reflecting and looking forward.

I used my Legend: Arthurian Tarot deck, because it has become like an old friend and I needed that comfort. You can check out my deck interview here.

I intended to pull an energy/action spread, and the Seven of Shields leapt from my hands, so we will need to incorporate that energy into the reading as well.



Energy: The Universe. This card has been coming up for me a lot as I’m pulling from this deck. It can be an overwhelming energy to manage. This card is about celebrating the triumphs of your hard work, about bringing change to your life. It is also about maintaining stability in that change – which can be a challenge. I look at this card, and I see the great cosmic dance.

Action: The Magician Reversed. These two cards together, the first upright and the second reversed, seem to be opposites. The magician reversed warns against self-deception, against losing sight and focus. I know that I’m feeling this sort of tension between wanting to celebrate, but also feeling that I’m unsure what I’m celebrating or what to do with all that energy now that I’ve accomplished something.

Confused? Enter … the jumper.


Jumper Card: The Seven of Shields. How to continue moving forward with competing impulses? There are things unseen, mysteries you don’t understand. You are on a journey, it’s ok to take your time and be methodical. You will celebrate small victories along the way, but don’t allow them to remove you from your main goal. Ingenuity and perseverance bring great gains. It’s ok to focus on one task at a time, do it really well, and proceed to the next. You may need to be patient, but it will ultimately pay off in the end.

This reading is a comfort to me – I’m definitely feeling the pull of these different forces. I don’t know if this also makes sense for you, dear reader. Rather than try to pull for anyone, I decided to focus on myself today. Nevertheless, I hope this is helpful beyond myself! Finding balance and focusing on one thing at a time should be helpful for you, no matter if you’re feeling this now or later.

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Energy

  1. I’m mostly mesmerized by (and jealous of) your space set-up for pulling cards…

    1. Thanks! I’m actually thinking of switching it up a bit and putting more altar-y things there, but it’s kind of a narrow shelf, so I dunno

  2. latinoscorp

    This interpretation of the Universe–“about bringing change to your life. It is also about maintaining stability in that change,” is the crux of any long range transformation. Avoiding the stagnation that so often follows a “triumph.” Or even the idea that because th cards say it it will happen, without any effort. This is a thought for a shaman’s or teachers manual. Thank you!

  3. latinoscorp

    To add this as astromessage– “Virgo moon today trines both Mercury & Pluto in Capricorn. It can help ground communications and transformation.” Linda Simmons

    The idea of grounding transformation caught my eye. Important to remember to do. often overlooked.

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