State of the Moon: Full Moon in Aquarius

State of the Moon is a semi-regular, bimonthly check in with the universe. 

This is my first post that focuses on the moon, on astrology, on how what’s happening in the heavens impacts us on earth. I am still learning about astrology, but I process information through writing. I will also include links to blog posts by other people studying astrology, because this place isn’t a vacuum and I want to be very much in conversation with others.

It’s taken me a while to learn about astrology. In fact, as someone who believes in and is fascinated by science, it took me a long time to show interest in this area of pagan spirituality. Over the last several years some very intense stuff has been going on with the moon. There was a blood moon tetrad, and a complete eclipse, and a whole lot of super moons. Things seemed to come in cycles. My interest was piqued.

(c) Fred Espenak of NASA
And then, the more I delved into astrology the more it seemed to fit with what I know of myself. I felt the tug, the pull of the moon and the heavens, and I wanted to learn more.

But more on that in a different post.

What does this Leo full moon in Aquarius bring us?

This week we move from sturdy, practical Capricorn into the inventive sign of Aquarius. Perhaps you, like me, live in a colder climate and your imagination is starting to run wild from being cooped up. Or perhaps you don’t, and you’re just tapping in to that creative Aquarius energy.

Aquarius is all about the greater good, finding what is right and just in the external world. It’s about finding creative solutions to your problems. The moon itself will be in the position of Leo, which highlights confidence. This moon should be self-assured and confident that your inner fire is lit and ready to take your projects into a more public sphere – that you are ready to enter the interchange of ideas. But there are some other aspects interfering with this energy: Mercury Retrograde and Mars in Scorpio.

This full moon is occurring under the direct influence of Leo, which means things could get … dramatic. Leo is best known for inspiring confidence, performance, art, and direct action. You may feel compelled to step out and get something done. But because there are other things going on in the skies, you may also find that there is a dark side to this flair. It’s possible some things may manifest that you’re not ready to manifest. The impact of Mars in Scorpio is to bring some intense, tense energy. There are some manifestations of the shadow world present here.

There’s usually a period leading up to and coming down from the full moon where the energies are still in the air. Mercury goes direct two days after the Full Moon, which means it is still somewhat influenced by the full moon’s energy. For those of you that don’t know about Mercury Retrograde, it’s a phenomenon when the planet Mercury, ruler of communication and travel, appears to be moving backward in the sky. When Mercury is in retrograde, things get weird. Communication gets harder. Technology backfires. Travel plans get complicated. But as Mercury goes direct again under the (waning) influence of the Full Moon in Aquarius, I think we’ll breathe in some fresh air and find creative ways to cut through the murk of the retrograde.

These influences on the moon suggest to me that we are entering a period of less reflection, less careful planning, and more “getting out there and doing it.” We may stumble, the energy may feel powerful and tense, but this is ok. We will all be ok.

Because I’m no expert, I thought it would be best to point you toward some folks who know more about astrology than I do. I drew on the interpretations of others to create this post, because I am still learning and this is a journey. Also because, you know, I’m an academic and we are always out there seeking information from others and citing our sources.

For your moon reading:

Chani Nicholas’ horoscopes for this week – she’s one of my favorites! She brings a deep sense of justice to her magic.

AEternalight Astrology

Wings Wide Open from Starcana

Do you study astrology? Does this make sense to you? Let’s talk moon-magic in the comments!

4 thoughts on “State of the Moon: Full Moon in Aquarius

  1. Wait, I’m supposed to have self-confidence this full moon?? Wouldn’t that be nice. I’m an Aquarius, so I suppose this should be even more relevant to me, but I just can’t right now. Really looking forward to Mercury going direct again — I’m not particularly affected by it, but apparently my mom is, and I have friends who are having communication issues. Stress, stress, stress…

    1. Yeah, I wonder about that too! I’m also not feeling super confident. I wonder if the “Mars in Scorpio” is the aspect that’s weirding most of this up? Perhaps that means that a ritual overcoming self-confidence issues could be in order? Ritual could also just be burning a candle to ignite some fire energy. I’m not really sure though – it seems like there is something WONKY happening!

      (Also your comment made me look back over my post and I made some clarifying edits – heyo, Mercury Retrograde! Edit and edit and edit again)

    1. Thanks for reblogging, Grandtrines! I will check out your blog as well

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