New Year Intentions

This is my first post! Wowee!

I’ve been thinking and dreaming of this moment over the last year, and it finally felt 100% right to start this project. It’s time to be more public about my journey. It’s time to dust off those old writing and blogging skills and put them toward something.

2016 feels amazing.

I’ve been wanting to do more reading for others, and so I put it out there on social media. 13 tarot appointments booked, and I’m feeling like there’s something here I can’t ignore anymore.

Now, I want to talk a little bit about my intentions for 2016. I love the beginnings and endings of phases – I love the transitions, as messy as they can be. But I also know that New Year’s “Resolutions” can be pretty toxic for people. This year, I’m focusing on intentions. Knowing that they are intentions, and that they are fluid, and can respond to things that come up in my life, I think is very helpful for keeping the anxiety down.

So, here are my intentions for 2016:

Continue to take care of myself. Get outside. Eat veggies. No dairy.
Focus on my career. Find a paid internship, a fellowship for the summer.
Continue doing well in graduate school.
Do more tarot, do more readings for others.
Develop this blog.

And finally, just a little somethin-somethin for your tarot interests.

My tarot card of the year is: Judgement. 

Judgement Legend Japaridze Cosmos

Hmm … Certainly some big things happening! Each deck that I drew from has a slightly different take on judgement, so I’ll spend some time exploring them here.

The Legend: Arthurian Tarot shows Arthur’s arrival on Avalon. It’s both the end and the beginning of his journey. It appears a very positive card, a card of taking care of the details, of celebrating natural endings and beginnings.

Judgement Legend

Judgement in the Cosmos deck is also linked to Capricorn. This is fitting, because it’s currently Capricorn season. Capricorn is all about setting priorities, efficiency, and practicality. This is about prioritizing your projects, methodically pursuing one’s goals, analyzing the appropriate means to an end.

Judgement Cosmos

The Japaridze deck shows an apocalyptic landscape, birds swarming toward the light in the sky. It highlights the journey toward the light. It speaks to me of rising above the confusion, finding a new understanding, and beginning new projects. This is a card to mourn the endings, but also a card to celebrate the beginnings.

Judgement Japaridze

You can find your own card for the year! I grabbed these directions from Story By Tarot, who originally got them from Eternal Athena Tarot.

To find out your Year Card for 2016, add the month and day of your birthday to “2016”. Then add together the individual digits of that number one more time. Whatever card that number corresponds to in the Major Arcana is your personal Year Card.

If you get a number over 22, reduce that number again by summing the individual digits one more time. Year Cards hail from the Major Arcana. And because there are only 22 cards in the Major Arcana, any number that exceeds 22 needs to be reduced again.

What’s your card for the year? What are your intentions for 2016? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “New Year Intentions

  1. I’ve been leaning heavy cups lately in my own drawings. For this year, I’m with the King of Cups, creativity and startups are going to be in the future or around me. This may be the year to strike out on my own to seek my fortune. Who knows. 🙂

    1. Oh hey! That really suits you.

      That reminds me that I’m going to be doing your career spread tomorrow or Friday afternoon. Good timing! 😉

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